Saturday, September 22, 2012

His Rules, Her Punishment

***This is my first writing attempt, please give feedback. I hope you enjoy the story.***

She saw the brake lights in front of her and brought the car to a stop. “What the hell?” she said out loud. She craned her head to try to see around the car in front of her and was able to catch a glimpse of flashing red and blue lights. “Great, another accident! I just want to get home!” She turned on the radio and prepared for the wait that normally came with accidents on the I-10.

She heard the twang of a steel guitar and instantly recognized it as their song, “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. A smile spread across her face as her mind filled with thoughts of her husband, but a nervousness quickly filled her as she reflected on their conversation from a couple of days ago.

                “Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything,” she pondered. It’s not that their sex life was bad, they have had great sex during their years together. It just came down to wanting more. Wanting him to be more domineering, to surrender all control to him. “It’s not as if I haven’t wanted these things for a while, but he doesn’t like pain. I do though! I want it all! But is he going to be up for it?” She remembered how intimidated she was when she finally decided that she would tell him what she wanted him to do to her.

It was all because of that stupid book! It made those feelings creep back up after all those years of suppression. She was ashamed of them, she shouldn’t feel so turned on from a spanking, let alone actually wanting her husband to humiliate her and call her a whore. But she opened Pandora’s box and there was no going back. He seemed receptive enough, even with the light teasing. He did say that he would do some research and let her know if he were up for it. She had done the research. She felt like that is all she could do. Thank God for internet on cell phones because on every break at work she was reading all she could about it. It was two days ago when they talked and he was so aloof yesterday. Her mind was racing. “Maybe I have officially scared the shit out of him. Maybe he saw some of that BDSM stuff and decided, ‘My wife is a freak and I need to run.’”

                Nah- he is more sensible than that. After all they discussed some of her limits and he seemed to agree with them as not being something totally out of the question. She opened with the idea of him using his hand to spank her and she would love to try out a riding crop.

She moved the car up a couple of feet and realized how turned on she was getting just thinking about it. A crop. Mmm. She began to slowly run her fingers from her stocking covered knee up her thigh to the hem of her black work skirt and back down to her knee. She imagined the sound of the smack against her ass, the smell of the leather, the bite against her ivory cheeks. She squeezed her thighs together realizing how wet she was getting. “Dear God I want this so bad!” She slowly stroked her leg again from her knee up her thigh and went past her skirt’s hem. She felt the tops of her thigh highs, the softness of her skin, and kept going until she felt her lacey black panties. She let a light moan escape her lips. Oh, they were getting wet already, damn this traffic!

Finally she saw a blinker on the car in front of her and followed suit. She needed to get home now! She could feel her clit swelling and could not wait to get home to her favorite vibrator; sadly her hubby would not be home until much later. “Hmm, maybe I could get a wooden spoon or something to spank myself with. I wonder how that would feel,” She began planning as she exited the freeway.
As she pulled onto their street, she could feel the heat in her belly growing and beginning to spread throughout her body. Suddenly it began to drain out of her system as she looked towards her house and saw her husband’s car parked in the drive. “What is he doing home? He is never home early.” Anxiety began to grow within her and her earlier thoughts of pleasure were pushed to the recesses of her mind. She put the car in park and began to walk to the front door. As she opened the screen she saw an envelope taped to the door with her name written on the front written in his typical chicken scratch. She opened the envelope and found a short note.

                These are your orders:
                Enter the house and lock the door.
                Leave all of your work things by the door, including all of your clothes and let your hair down.
                You will find underwear on the couch laid out for you, put them on.
                Do not touch ANYTHING else.
Wait in the middle of the room on your knees, hands behind your back, eyes facing down body turned away from the hallway.
                Wait for me.

“Oh-my-God! Are you serious? This is so hot! He is really going to try this!” She thought as she squealed. She blushed and looked around to see if any of her neighbors had seen her excitement and quickly entered. She closed the door and locked it. “Okay, order number one is completed,” she thought as she leaned her back against the door and closed her eyes to savor the thrill that was running through her body. “I need to calm down and think submissive. I must resist the urge to jump him as soon as I see him. I wonder where he is waiting for me. Oh no! Is he watching?” She opened her eyes and with a quick scan of the room she saw he was not there. “Time to follow orders.”

She placed her purse and coat by the door. She then began to unbutton her white blouse slowly letting her fingers run down her chest after each button. She placed her blouse on top of her purse and then worked her zipper down the back of her skirt then pulled the skirt down her legs, over her thigh highs along with her moist panties. She looked at her legs and her favorite black heels and thought, “Surely he would like me to wear these too. He loves that I wear thigh highs and not pantyhose. I’m leaving them on.”
She walked to the couch and found a pair of black, lacy boy shorts. “Perfect.” She slipped them on and then remembered her bra and camisole were still on. She rushed to take them off with shaking hands as she began to wonder what he was going to do with her. She went down the list and placed it on the couch where her underwear had been and took the hairpins out of her hair to let the chocolate tendrils cascade down her back. She kneeled in the middle of the floor on her knees, careful to not sit on her heels, looked down at the floor, placed her hands behind her back and waited. She could feel the swelling of her clit again and that delicious slickness developing between her legs. She pushed her thighs together and relished the anticipation.

A door opened and she heard he footsteps come down the hall towards the living room. He stopped as he entered the room and let out a whisper of a gasp. There she was waiting for him, obeying him. Her hair traveled down her back nearly reaching the underwear he thought accentuated the curve of her round ass so perfectly. Then his eyes were distracted by her covered legs and heels that she was still wearing. “Should I tell her to take them off before we start this?” he thought. “I don’t want her to ruin them with what I have planned.” He did his research. It was all he could do the past two days. Hell, permission to study sex and watch porn to see what your wife wants you to do to her, who wouldn’t jump on that? Could he pull this off though? Could he humiliate her like she wanted? All he knew is that he would try and he could always say the safe word too if it got to be too much for him mentally, but oh, she looks so great! Waiting, anticipating, craving to do whatever he said, no, he would not break this moment. He would give her what she wanted.

He began to click his tongue and slowly shake his head with disapproval. He placed one of the items he held behind his back on the couch and picked up the note he had written her.  While tapping the new black leather crop he bought on his lunch against his shoulder. Hhe began to speak. “Hmm, I must have left some of my instructions off this list of orders for you. Here, read it out loud one at a time,” he said as he thrust it into her hands behind her back.

She took the paper and looked up to read it. “Keep your eyes down!” he barked at her and firmly pushed her head back down. Her breath quickened. She starts to wonder who this man is. He never orders her around like this. She notices that he has a different air about him. From the peek she got of him, he seems to be holding himself taller and with more authority and it is not just his work suit. There is something about this new demeanor that is frightening and oh so thrilling at the same time. She keeps her eyes lowered and holds the note against her lap as she begins to read it aloud.

“These are your orders.” She squeaks out.

“LOUDER!” he demands.

She swallows and continues louder, “Enter the house and lock the door. Leav-"

“Stop. Did you lock the door?” he interrupts her.

“Yeah,” she says looking up at him with a look that says ‘duh, look at it.’ She sees the crop leaning on his shoulder. How did she miss that before?

“Excuse me? Did you say, ‘yeah’?” He asks sternly. “And where should your eyes be?” He smacks the crop against his palm. It produces a slight sting, but he doesn’t mind it when he sees the affect it has on her.  He watches a shiver travel through her and hears her intake of breathe. He can feel his erection growing in his pants as he thinks of all he has planned for tonight. He wants to bend her over the couch and take her, but he refrains and reminds himself to go slow. This is about power and anticipation.

“Do not answer ‘yeah’, you will answer ‘yes, sir.’ Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” she pants out.

“Did you lock the door?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now keep reading.” He begins to slowly pace back and forth behind her while taking the crop and lightly tracing it from one shoulder to the next.
She ignores the chills running down her spine and continues, “Leave all of your work things by the door, including all of your clothes and let your hair down.” As she says the words she realizes where he is going with this and she shifts where she sits.

“Well, I see your purse by the door underneath your pile of clothes,” he leans down and smells her hair, “And your hair is down, which I love, but there is still something not right with this picture.” He begins to trace her legs with the crop and she blushes.

She looks up at him and says sweetly, “You always like when,” but he cuts her off as he leans next to her and whispers into her ear with a slow, firm tone, “Do not talk.” She bites her lip and looks down at the note in her hands, feeling warmth growing deep within her like an inferno. She thinks, “Yes, this is what I want. This is what has been missing. How far is he willing to go with this?”

“Stand up, take them off, and then get on all fours,” he orders as he takes the note from her and tosses it to the side.

She quickly stands, anxious to please him and begins quickly toss off her shoes and reach for the top of her stocking. “Freeze!” he says and she stops. “Take them off slowly,” as he traces the leather of the crop from her ivory cheeks down her thighs all the way to her feet. She bends over purposefully to show off her assets and agonizingly slow, she rolls each thigh high down, tucks them into her shoes and discards them with her other clothes. She returns to the center of the living room and places herself on her hands and knees feeling uncertain how long she could stay like this. The anticipation is almost too great.

He returns behind her and admires the roundness of her ass and the way her underwear hug her. Oh how he wants to get on all fours and worship that ass. To rub his hands on it, bite it, lick it, but first things first.  He taps the crop between her legs. “I want your legs further apart,” he runs the crop slowly up the crack of her ass, “and your ass needs to be higher.” She obeys and he feels the shift of energy. She is ready for this and so is he. This is turning out to be way hotter than he could have imagined.

He kneels next to her and grabs her hair close to her scalp, pulling her face up and whispers in her ear, “Good girl,” this causes her to feel a ripple move through her pussy as if those words were a password for it. 

“What is the safe word we discussed?” he asks.

“Red,” she breathes.

“Good. Remember that because you may need it. I am going to fuck you, hard.” With that, he lets go of her hair and walks to the couch. He picks up her purple dildo from their toy collection and walks back to her, facing her so she can see what he is holding. “I am going to use this on you, but not just yet. Open your mouth.”

She opens her mouth as if ready to blow him, but he shakes his head, “Wider.” She obeys and he places it in her mouth like a dog with a bone. “Hold this in your mouth.” She closes her mouth and is careful to not sink her teeth into it. “This is so hot,” she thinks. “What is next? When is he going to spank me with that crop?”
“Now, I want you to crawl with that in your mouth to the bedroom and wait for me there.”

She begins to crawl toward the back of the house. “Go slowly,” he reminds her. She takes her time being conscious of every move she makes. How she reaches forward, how she brings her knee forward, is her ass high enough her him to enjoy. She makes the journey through the hall and as she reaches the door she sees a soft glow. “Candles!” she cheers in her mind. “He actually lit candles for me. Oh, he really is trying to please me with this. I have to make this as good for him as he is making it for me. I want to make him feel like God tonight.”

She makes it to the center of the bedroom floor and stays on her hands and knees feeling the slight sting of rug burn on her knees. She waits for him, questioning in her mind when she will get to touch him and please him. She hears him enter the room and sees his hand held out in front of her mouth. “Drop it,” he orders and she opens her mouth to release the dildo into his palm. She watches as his legs move to the bed and turn around to face her. “Come and kneel before me.” She crawls to him and goes back to the same position as before. “Look at me,” he says with more gentle tone. She looks up into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that made her begin to fall for him all that time ago. Those blue eyes that are now filled with a passion unlike any other she has ever seen in the years they have been together.

He caresses her cheek with the back of his hand and gazes at the wife he loves. He can see how badly she wants this and he can feel in his cock how badly he wants it too. “I want you to undress me. Just undress me, no playing,” he commands.

She takes off his shoes and tosses them to floor on his side of the bed followed by his socks, which is a little awkward, but they manage. She stands and loosens his tie and removes it followed by his jacket. Then she begins the agonizing task of his shirt. “Oh, I just want to rip it off him and make the buttons fly everywhere!” she thinks. “NO! I have got to resist these urges. He is in control. He owns me.” She pulls his shirt out of his waistband and starting at his neck begins to unbutton his shirt. When she finally gets to the last button she pushes the shirt behind his well toned shoulders and down his arms where they stop. Her mind flashes, “Oh, shit! I forgot those buttons.” She quickly kneels and unfastens the buttons at his wrists, tossing the shirt to the side. With trembling hands she reaches for his belt. “Why am I so nervous?” she ponders. She undoes the buckle and pulls off the belt, feeling a thrill as she wonders if he plans on using it on her later. She can’t stand the anticipation any longer and deftly undoes his pants and tugs them to the floor revealing his excitement on the other side of his blue cotton boxers. She tosses his pants to the side and reaches for his boxers, but he grabs her hands and pulls her up so they are face to face.

He slowly shakes his head locking eyes with her and in a flash he has both of her hands behind her back Holding both of her hands in one hand his other hand grabs her at the base of her neck. He is crushing his mouth to hers with ferocity. Her head is forced back making her hips go forward and he begins to grind his erection into her. She finally opens her mouth and welcomes his probing tongue. Hunger and desire is all that there is behind this kiss and while they both know they love each other desperately, tonight this is about fucking on a pure and carnal level.

He releases her, but keeps a hold of her hands and presses her up against his swollenness. Reaching behind him he pulls out a pair of black fur-lined cuffs. “They say to start slow with cuffs like these rather than the metal ones, so we’ll start here. Turn around.”

He places the cuffs around her wrists, “Are they too tight?”


He gives her a firm spank on her ass with his hand. “I’m sorry; I don’t think I heard you right.”

She bites her lip and smiles with a soft moan, “No, sir. They are perfect, sir.”

He smiles. He really likes this sir thing and to spank her like that stirs him. He reaches behind him for his final purchase from today, a black satin blindfold. He places it over her eyes saying, “I think you have seen enough for now,” and begins to tie it on her tightly. He wants her to be blind to all that he is about to do to her. He steers her by her retrained hands to the bed and forces her to be bend over the foot of the bed.

“Hmm. Now I do believe that I you have not been punished for disobeying me earlier. What should I do? You can answer me.”

Her mind is racing. Punishment? Oh wow! This has been part of her fantasies for years, but now that she is posed with this question, how is she to respond? She feels him behind her and she wants nothing more than to grind her ass into his cock and let him take her like that, but they need to settle this punishment first. “I don’t know, sir. Whatever you wish, sir.” Holy shit! Did she really just say that?

He picks up the crop and runs the leather from the nape of her neck, down her back and begins to trace circles on her right ass cheek.

“Oh, I think you know. Don’t play coy. I know you want to be spanked. Don’t you, you dirty bitch?”

She lets out a moan with his words. “Yes, sir.”

“You want to be spanked with this crop don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

He smiles. “I am going to spank you 10 times. I want you to count them out. Once I get to ten, I want you to thank me for it. Are you ready?”

She nods, “Yes, sir.”

He keeps a hold of her restrained hands and kicks his foot between her ankles making her widen her stance. He stands to her left and admires the view of her helplessness. He raises his hand and the crop meets her welcoming ass with a loud smack.

She is shocked. Her knees shake and her mind is racing. “Oh, dear God! Yes!” There is a slight sting where the crop met her ass, but more than anything she feels it reverberate through her sex. How is she supposed to make it through nine more of these? She is going to come before he gets to ten.

“One!” she cries out. He swings again.

“Two!” she says a little louder. He swings seven more times and she follows with her counts. Her breathing has changed. She is panting and moaning and tilting her ass up to greet each stroke of the crop.

“Ten!” And that is her undoing. She feels a release between her legs and her panties moisten with cum as her orgasm rips through her. “Thank you, sir!”

He is stunned that he just made her come from a spanking. What have they been missing out on all these years? He tosses the crop aside and kneels in worship of her ass. He rubs and caresses the redness, tenderly kisses the welts, and then gives her a nibble. He can’t take it anymore and he runs his hands up her thighs in reach for her panties. Ever so slowly he pulls them down her legs following them with a trail of kisses. She steps out of them and is left naked and bent over the bed. He quickly removes his boxers and grabs a fist full of her hair by the scalp lifting her shoulders off the bed. He pulls her as he grinds his rigidness against her.

“You want my cock, don’t you, you slut?”

She is panting and only replies with a slight nod.

“Good. Get up and turn around.”

She obeys his words and stands before him blindfolded and her lips parted. He runs his tongue over her bottom lip and follows it with a bite that makes her moan. He kisses her deeply. As he pulls away from her he whispers against her lips, “I want to fuck your mouth.”

He helps her to kneel before him and guides his cock into her mouth.

She feels the velvety head of his dick move past her lips and graze her tongue. She begins to suck him hard. She feels his hand on her head pushing her further and further down him. She puts more pressure around her lips and sucks as he moves her head back and forth, faster and faster. She relishes his salty taste, the change in his breathing. She feels the tensing of his muscles and knows he is holding back. She tries to keep her head moving, but his hands are tangled in her hair and he pulls her mouth away.

“Oh, baby, you are so good at sucking dick,” he praises her. “I can’t come too soon though. I want to get a few more orgasms out of you first.” He sees the purple dildo sitting on the bed and their bottle of lube on the night stand and plans his next move. He picks her up and lays her on the bed face down. He removes the cuffs and orders her to lay spread eagle, face down. He climbs on top of her making her feel how ready he is for her and gives her a warning.

“Now, do not move, no matter what. Keep your hands where they are and don’t even think about closing those legs or I will punish you again.”

He grabs the dildo and lubes it up. He reaches a hand under her and feels her slickness from her earlier orgasm. He slips two fingers into her making her moan. “Oh, you are so wet, baby. Are you that wet for me?”

“Yes, sir. You make me wet.”

He eases his fingers out and replaces them with the dildo. He penetrates her slowly giving it a slight twist to make it hit her g-spot.

She lets out another moan. She relishes in the fullness she is feeling and can’t help, but more her hips up and down as he move the dildo back and forth. She can feel him hitting against that sweet spot, making her muscles tense. She is panting and grinding. Trying with all her might to not move her arms and legs, but she feels another sensation creeping up. “Oh no! Not now. I am about to come!” she cries out without even realizing it.

“What’s the matter baby?”

She is panting a writhing, “I have to go-oh!” she can’t finish her sentence because of the electrified pleasure running through her. She can feel this is going to be a big one, but she feels the need to pee.

“No you don’t baby. I read about this, just let go. Let go, baby. Just come for me.”

She feels it building and building. She is afraid and wants to squeeze her legs together, but he is between them and working the dildo faster and faster. She can’t hold it any longer and she explodes, squirting come all around the dildo. She can feel a wetness pooling under her and she realizes that she actually squirted for the first time in her life.

“Oh God that was hot,” he says to her. He quickly pulls out the dildo, releasing more of her cum and flips her onto her back. He nuzzles her sex and savors the taste of her freshly squirted juiciness. He begins to lick and suck every inch of her pussy with the expert tongue that she loves.

“You taste so good. Do you know how good you taste? My little cum slut, you need to taste yourself.”

He takes two of his fingers, run them up and down her sex then places his fingers in her mouth.

“Suck them. Taste how good you taste.”

She sucks on his fingers tasting a salty muskiness that strangely begins to turn her on even more. He puts his mouth to hers and kisses her, making her taste even more of herself. He reaches behind her head and removes her blindfold. He then thrusts his cock deep into her pussy feeling the aftershocks of her coming. He feels her squeeze his dick with welcome.

“I want to see you while I fuck you,” he says as her stares into her eyes. His intense blue eyes hold her as he rides her. She wraps her legs around him and holds him to her like a vise. He moves within her quickly, suckling her breasts, biting them. She bites his shoulder and rakes her fingers down his back to his ass. She keeps her hips moving to match his rhythm, and she feels that warmth building in her again.

“I can’t possibly come again,” she thinks to herself, but she knows this is building up to another orgasm.

“Fuck me harder!” she screams out.

“Shut up, slut, and fuck me!”

His command sends a quake through her making her scream out his name and squeezing the fuck out of his dick, forcing him to come and cry out.

They are spent and stuck to each other with sweat and cum. He moves off of her lays beside her. He slowly begins to trace her body, walking his fingers around the curves of her breast, down her hips…

She closes her eyes and whispers, “Thank you, sir”

He chuckles, “Can you imagine if we had started doing this years ago?”

She laughs and rolls onto her side to look at him and runs her fingers through his chest hair. “I have never come like that before. The whole night has just been amazing. You were great.”

He folds his arms behind his head, rolls onto his back and says, “Thank God for the internet.”